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Dr. Shore-Schein and Dr. Weil at the graduation ceremony, University of Arizona, Program in Integrative Medicine

Lucille Shore-Schein, MD
Integrative Rheumatology
Functional Medicine

Welcome to Sunshine Wellness,
the Center of Integrative Health and Mind-Body Medicine!

It was founded by Dr. Shore-Schein, a board-certified Rheumatologist and a disciple of Dr. Weil. At Sunshine Wellness, we specialize in autoimmune and systemic inflammatory disorders. Our goal is to improve overall health of our patients in the process of eradicating their diseases by identifying and addressing the root causes.  We developed a vast arsenal of integrative methods of treatment specifically designed to unleash the health potential of each individual patient.  We are conveniently located at the heart of North Shore and are easily accessible by public transportation.  We accept all major insurances and Medicare.


We are happy to add a telemedicine component to the pracite. We are now offering appointments over internet to established patients.

We successfully treat patients with: