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Lucille Shore-Schein, MD
Integrative Rheumatology
Functional Medicine

Why Functional Medicine?

Factors that precede or trigger a certain condition, especially a chronic disease, vary from person to person. At Sunshine Wellness we recognize that each patient is unique. That is why we focus on a patient rather than on a disease. Our “help the patient feel better” philosophy creates a comprehensive treatment plan using natural, effective and less-invasive interventions. Good medicine should be based on the latest science and be open to new paradigms.

Why intergrative Rheumatology?

Rheumatology is a subspecialty of medicine which covers a broad spectrum of diseases causing inflammation of joints and tissues in multiple organs. Many of them result from the body's immune system turning against itself for reasons, some of which are not yet fully understood by science. Consequently, the drugs developed to fight those diseases cannot always provide the long term health and are in some cases limited to symptomatic relief. This is where integrative methods come in and fill the gap. Integrative approach seamlessly complements conventional treatment and ultimately helps achieve the desired lifestyle quality. Food supplements, dietary modifications, physical activities and overall mindful living do wonders for many rheumatological patients and bring them back to feeling healthy and pain-free in the way they never thought would be possible again.

We successfully treat patients with: